Oxford-Seymour Theory is the first complete conception of Shakespeare’s language and rhetoric,
and the first to explain his choice of words...
With it, we unlock the mysteries of his life.
We discover his Enduring Corpus as the Last Will and Testament of the Wisest Man who Never was.

Shakespeare: The Method in his Madness by Michael and Spencer Stepniewski

The issue facing a reader new to Shakespeare is whether his great works are to be approached as open texts. Did Shakespeare write to entertain, perhaps to make a living, to release a store of beauty that was overflowing his mind? Or did 'our beloved, The AUTHOR' have a more specific purpose? Did he mean to communicate information; did he write because he wanted the reader to learn something? If so, why are his words convoluted; they often seem strange and somehow alien, as if beyond the range of ordinary meaning. In this book you’ll discover why the question: ‘Who wrote Shakespeare’ persists, and how the writer’s identity is absolutely inseparable from these questions of meaning and art.

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